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Welcome to the Newcomers Club of Long Island City

How it works

The idea of the LIC Newcomers Club is to get new people introduced to new friends and provide some good old fashioned sampling of the things that make Long Island City an excellent place to live.

You will be given a special logon user name and password that will give you access to all sorts of thing that are part of your group.


You qualify as a "newcomer" if you have moved to LIC within the last 4 years.


Our area of membership and coverage includes special groups and services for Hunters Point, Hunters Point South, Astoria, Sunnyside, Woodside, and Dutch Kills.

Benefits of Membership

By joining the LIC Newcomers Club, you will get:
  • A Welcome Gift Basket filled with EXTRA valuable offers and coupons from LIC Merchants.
  • You first Dinner on a 12 Restaurant tour will be as a guest of the LIC Newcomers Club Board of Friends.
  • A 12 Restaurant Tour of the Best Restaurants in LIC.
  • A guided tour of artist studios in Long Island City.
  • You will meet important people and leaders of the community
  • Maps
  • Program announcements and alerts
  • Share your recipes. Share your books. Go to parties. Have some coffee. Have a drink. Meet a friend for life.
  • Bonus: Discount Travel Fares and Special Vacation packages from CityEntree's Travel Desk.
  • Bonus: Offers from Manhattan Restaurants, Theatres, and Clubs arranged by CityEntree.

How to Start

It is easy for you to join LIC Newcomers Club

Sponsor Inquiries are Welcome

Sponsors interested in participating or making offers and suggestions should submit idea and inquiries through the Optin form or call 1-888-642-4994.

The Newcomers Club of Long Island City was founded in 2009 as part of OurLIC. We are a social club dedicated to making the transition to life in Long Island City easier by providing the opportunity to meet new friends and participate in activities with others who have similar interests. Joining LIC Newcomers is an outstanding way for people to meet other new residents and get together for social, educational and community events.

We can bring you inside and behind the doors in a way that no other service can do, or has ever done.

Members will be able to access the resources of all of the best things that make LIC a good place to live. You will be able to interact online and offline in a way that will bring you together with other residents, and will bring you together with merchants and professionals in the community.

Each new member will receive a LIC Newcomers Club Welcome Gift Basket filled will samples and EXTRA special offers to get you started.

Community News and Announcements

Spots are currently available for two and three year olds at Carolyn's Playhouse (917-324-2862 or email to This is an arts-enriched toddler / reschool program. (Waiting list is available for younger children.)

Last Updated: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 - 7:30 a.m. Eastern Time
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